Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fabric & Fits Over Fit

We have this great Meals on Wheels thrift store in town that is run by these amazing volunteers. I got these awesome clogs for $2 that I wear all the time! I mean, they're really not even the most comfortable things in the world but for some reason I love them. A lot. This is huge for me because I'm kind of a germaphobe (or is it germophobe?). But the weird thing is, I've been buying oodles of "returned" cycling clothes and other outdoor stuff at Sierra Trading Post (we're regulars) for years in their "Thirds" department and that doesn't bother me. But what's the diff between STP Thirds and a thrift shop really? I'm still not good with all shoes at thrift stores but...

ANYWAY...MOW has so much fabric. It's usually $2- $5 for 2-4 yards. And then, to top it off, it's always 50% off of that! So I figure if I like it I'll whip up something quick with it. If it's just so/so or a type of fabric I think I need to learn to work with, I'll bring it home and practice or use it for test fabric for our embroidery business. If it's nice but I don't love it I'll leave it for someone else. I don't buy a ton of it because I want to buy specific fabric for specific projects and I get overwhelmed if I have too much (I donated a bunch to Goodwill a couple of years ago) but now that I hardly have ANY...except for enough fleece to make a farm full of life-sized fleece animals...I feel like I need a bit of stash for a snowstorm. How about you? Do you keep a stash or do you only buy what you need for a specific project? Would you ever purchase fabric from a thrift store? Here's my ALREADY WASHED haul from a couple of MOW visits.

Oh...and what about those books?! I've accumulated those over the years but have never mastered the fit issues I have. I can be 2 different sizes from bust to hips but I don't know how to alter the pattern. I think it might have something to do with not spending the time with the books and DVD above. What's your favorite method? I'd love to know! Do you find it difficult or not so bad once you get the hang of it? 

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