Monday, June 29, 2015

I Still Sew! My Sorbetto!

No, I didn't give up on my blog or on sewing! I just haven't had a minute. First there was this:

And this:

And then there was this:

Apparently Titan, our Rottweiler who isn't afraid of thunder, is afraid of the combination of the loudest thunder you've ever heard combined with getting his leg stuck in a hanging attack cord. He ran with everything he had and took it all with him. About 75% of it survived (so did Titan!) and since everything was still so small and the name tags went everywhere, I now have kale growing in my flower pots and flowers growing with my vegetables. Good times!

Also, our embroidery business has still been keeping us very busy and that cuts into my personal sewing time! Ha! 

I did get all of these denim squares cut on my Accuquilt cutter. I sold my manual one and got the electric one and it is SO much easier. I think some of them were harder to turn than others and mine was definitely one of those! I'm making a denim quilt for our camper. Should keep us nice and warm because it gets sooooper cold at night where we camp. I got a longarm quilting machine FOR A STEAL thanks to Mr. SmileDog Stitches. More on that later!

Oh, and I taught myself to crochet so I could make a granny square afghan like the one on Big Bang Theory. Sorry for the poor quality photo!

We've also been making t-shirts with our t-shirt printer. My husband made me this one at my request since I'm letting my gray grow in. That is SO liberating let me tell you. My hair grows so fast that I was coloring it every 3 weeks. And it was getting so dry it wasn't taking the color very evenly anymore. And I hate putting those chemicals on my scalp all the time. Who knows what that's doing to my already crazy brain! Even though I have those dreaded roots I'm loving it. Loving it I tell you! Check out some of the gorgeous gray photos on Pinterest. So many classy women!

I think we're all caught up. So onto my Sorbetto! I'm not sure it's really my style although I'm not sure what my style is! I initially decided to make it because I was going to use it for a Craftsy fitting class. But, and I don't know if this will make any sense, I think I need more experience on my fitting "issues" before I take the class. You see, I have always been pretty thin until this past year when I left my "real world" job and started working from my studio on our property. I thought I'd work out more since I've always been a workout junkie, but turns out I worked out less! I think my body just needed a break after 35 years of it! I probably should have done a swayback adjustment back then but I never did. It seemed like everything fit pretty well. Now though, not so much! I am back to working out a lot and that was another reason I hadn't sewn any clothes. I didn't want to sew and then lose weight and have it not fit. Do you do that? I finally decided to just do it anyway. If I lose weight great. If not, great! 

I started with a size 6 on top but had read that the armholes can be too small. So I decided to cut those at a 12 (I read that someone else did that so I did it too!). But I thought that would be too much of a difference so I cut the top at an 8 and graded down to a 10 in the hips. Well, lemme tell you what. Not only was it too big up top but I had the pool party of all pooling going on at my middle/lower back. Of course I didn't make a muslin because that would be smart. So I ended up taking a 2" seam down the center back. That took care of the gaping at the top of my neck/back and a lot of the pooling, although as you can see, still there. My little Stretch kept jumping on me while I was taking pics. You can barely see him behind my tush!

I still had a bit of gaping around the front neckline. So I made a little pleat on each side of the center pleat. Oh yes I did! Honestly I didn't know what else to do and I knew I would never wear it if it gaped like that. It worked!

I feel like the armholes might still cut into me a bit. This seems a common problem of mine. It doesn't really sit super straight on me, or on the table for that matter (!) but I think it's kinda cute anyway. Until it cuts my arms off. I definitely have a lot to learn in the fit department! 

I really should start making muslins. Do you guys make them?

Well, I'm so torn on what to make next. I want to quilt. I want to sew clothes. I want to finish my granny square afghan. I want to do it all! I need to sew faster so I CAN do it all! 

Til later (or hopefully sooner),


  1. Sounds like you have been super busy.. What an accomplishment teaching yourself how to crochet. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do it all? I always pick what puts a smile on my face when I think about it, sewing projects that is. I do
    make muslins, not that I want to but find it necessary. When I first started sewing ages ago, however I did not.

    1. I watched a lot of different videos on how to make granny squares, after I mastered the stitches, until one just clicked. I had some wonky squares at first! Ah yes, we should definitely choose projects that make us smile! Good advice! I think muslins are in my future.

  2. My friend, where are you. It's been too, too long!